Workforce Mobility Plan

A mobile workforce that can easily access job centers through an interconnected network of private and public roadway systems and transit operations is also critical to the success of Will County’s economy. As part of a separate, grant-funded contract, a Workforce Mobility Plan will be developed to collect data and analyze the current roadway and transit systems that move workers across Will County and the surrounding area. This mobility plan seeks to identify strategies and system improvements to better connect “where people live” to “where they work”.

Beyond improving the mobility of the workforce to new and emerging employment centers, objectives include minimizing conflict between the journey to work and freight system operations; increasing the efficiency and opportunity for transit and shared travel options; and understanding the workers’ needs for last-mile connections from regional transit nodes to their job sites. The mobility enabled by transit is critical to the regional economy and quality of life—giving workers choices and opportunity, as well as providing employers the workforce they need to succeed.

The results of the Workforce Mobility Plan will be incorporated into the Freight Plan to provide access for regional workers to the growing number of freight industry jobs within Will County. This page will present findings and results of the mobility plan as they are developed.