An Innovative Public - Private Partnership

Welcome to the Will County Community Friendly Freight Mobility Plan Website!

The Will County Community Friendly Freight Mobility Plan (Freight Plan) is a unique public-private partnership of Will County and the Will County Center for Economic Development (CED), with additional support from organization such as: Illinois Department of Transportation, the Workforce Investment Board of Will County, Three River Association of Realtors, Federal Highway Administration and CMAP.

The Freight Plan is envisioned as a multimodal freight plan that will provide strategies and goals to guide freight policies, programs, projects and investments throughout Will County in a community-friendly manner. The Freight Plan will encompass a holistic planning approach covering freight mobility, land-use integration, workforce development, education/training and community livability.  Included among the many high-level objectives for the project are:

  • Developing a real-time, quantitative understanding of Will County’s freight economy and differentiators to help secure funding and other economic opportunities
  • Creating a project ranking mechanism across freight and transit infrastructure, workforce, land use and community to inform funding decisions
  • Integrating transit and freight transportation needs and plans consistent with Will County’s Long Range Transportation Plan, WillConnects 2040
  • Identifying priority freight corridors to reduce the need for truck freight movement onto neighborhood streets
  • Creating a common voice across stakeholders

Full engagement with the freight industry and Will County residents will be a key feature of the planning process. Your participation will help Will County and its partners identify and prioritize freight-related issues and needs in order to obtain federal and state grants to address these challenges and opportunities.  Go to the Get Involved page for more information on how you can participate.  

Will County Joliet Intermodal Transportation Master Plan