Rail Yard

Freight - Supportive Development includes businesses such as intermodal warehousing and logistics centers.

Elmwood Intermodal

Land-Use Planning

The freight-related improvements that will be outlined in this freight mobility plan depend on the existing and planned future land uses and activities within Will County. To improve freight travel conditions within key freight corridors, a deeper understanding of the local land uses, development constraints/opportunities and long-term vision of specific communities are needed.

In the last 15 years, freight activity has contributed 100 million square feet in new industrial space.  Freight transportation solutions in the Freight Plan will aim to support corridors in areas with high truck traffic, rail and/or industrial and commercial land uses. The intent is to maximize compatibility and avoid conflicts in freight-supportive areas when planning for potential land uses and community facilities.  This page will present the freight land use analysis and proposed strategies as they are developed in close coordination with local communities.