WillConnects 2040 Public Input
Common themes expressed by Open House attendees from the WillConnects 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan process that will carry over into the Freight Plan include the need to:
  • Address truck and rail freight issues
  • Resolve safety concerns related to truck traffic
  • Support economic vitality
  • Maintain the quality of life in Will County
Engaged Public

This Freight Plan will respond to the increasing emphasis on freight issues, access, congestion and economic development not only from local residents of Will County but also the freight, distribution and transportation industries. The plan’s framework will help to achieve a sustainable freight transportation system by coordinating the efforts of various stakeholder agencies and organizations as well as the public’s weigh-in on the future of goods movement in Will County. 

Public and private sector engagement will be a key part of the planning process, helping Will County prioritize issues and needs within freight-related topics and identify potential actions to improve freight mobility and reduce community impacts.  This project will continue the public engagement efforts launched during  the development of Will County’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), WillConnects 2040. Efforts to involve the public in helping the County identify and prioritize issues and needs specifically related to freight will begin in early 2017 and include:

–Public Open House Meetings
–Public Survey
–Informational Flyers and Newsletters (click here to join the mailing list)
–Project Website

Visit the Get Involved page for more information on opportunities for the public and other stakeholders to get involved in shaping freight-related solutions for Will County.